Nov 23, 2021Liked by Miriam Hoffman

This is great stuff! I am looking forward to making good relationships with some fellow ski instructors at the new job i just started. I am an introvert, probably partially due to nurture rather than nature (I spent a lot of time alone as a youngster and then went through an extremely antisocial phase of addiction in my adult years), so I think I will also need to honor my need for alone time after a full day of intensive work with other people, but I believe that investing in relationships (both new and revitalized from long ago), will be one of the most productive things I can work on to build a better life experience and self image. We people need eachother! I am very grateful to have the people in my life even though I haven't always done my part to cultivate relationships, but the bridges have not burned and I have the rest of my life one day at a time to work on fostering great connections with wonderful people! Thanks for the thoughts cousin Miriam!

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