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Good message here- "pursue what is meaningful, then share that. Don't do something that's not even worth your time just to make yourself look better."

I like to think of a resume like a billboard. A billboard is supposed to catch your eye. A good one should be flashy, appealing, interesting, or make you say "Ooh, tell me more." That being said, the billboard doesn't sell the product or service- it simply gets you to the next step. It gives the phone number to call or website to go to, and then you can discover for yourself whether the product/service is actually worth your while.

A lot of people, including myself, think or have thought that their resume is going to be the piece that sells the person, and that they need nothing besides a perfectly polished, color coordinated CV. It seems to me, though, that the true purpose of a resume is to simply interest a person enough to get an interview, at which point you will truly prove yourself and what you have to offer.

I love the insight here, Miriam. Keep up the great work!

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